Job Summary

We are looking for strong interns that will work on the backbone of our systems. We love to hire engineers who are passionate about the technology and the impact it will have on the world. You will work on massively parallel systems and see how machine learning is fused into complex capacity and performance management techniques. You should bring to the team:

  • Great problem-solving skills and ability to think about why we are solving a problem before thinking about how you will solve it.
  • Great analytical skills to understand all the requirements to design your services.
  • You have some exposure (by experience or academically) to distributed systems design concepts, such as synchronization, consistency models, parallel algorithms, etc.
  • You are able to design and consume Restful APIs

Qualifications and Skills

  • GoLang development experience.
  • AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure.
  • Some experience with time series DBs, such as InfluxDB, Prometheus, OpenTSDB, etc.
  • Logs storage systems such as Elasticsearch.
  • You know how to monitor your cloud-based services and make sure they are meeting their quality of service (QoS)
  • How to build and use Docker containers
  • Familiar with containers orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes, Swarm, Mesosphere, or AWS Elastic Container Services (ECS)

After your time in our office, you’ll have had extensive experience with:

  • Dealing with complex cloud infrastructure applications
  • Working with fast-paced projects for an early stage growing startup


  • Computer Science/Network Engineering, Engineering.

Send us a cover letter and resume to to be considered for the position. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon at Magalix