Update or Remove a Cluster

Magalix Agent upgrades and removal

Agent Upgrade

We currently do not have an automated mechanism to upgrade the agent pod. To upgrade or apply changes to an agent instance, please download the latest YAML file and re-apply it inside the cluster. Once the below command is executed, the pod will restart and the latest official image will be applied.

    kubectl apply -f <agent-manifest.yaml>

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    Remove a Cluster and Uninstall the Agent

    A cluster remove means that its definition and all relevant data are not accessible anymore. Once it is removed, Magalix backend will not receive any metrics and all cluster data will be deleted from Magalix backend. Please note, your cluster will not be impacted in any way by disconnecting it. To ensure the cluster is fully disconnected you’ll need to perform the steps below. 

    Uninstall Magalix Agent

    Removing the agent from your cluster is a simple kubectl command.

      kubectl delete deployment magalix-agent --namespace kube-system

      Remove Cluster

      Removing your cluster from the Console is a simple process.

      1. Go to home dashboard 
      2. Click on the cluster's card side drop-down menu
      3. Select “Remove” 

      Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 11.09.31 PM

      Once a cluster is removed all cluster's data will be erased, you cannot recover the cluster.