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Welcome to Magalix Documentation!

These pages cover what Magalix is, how to get started using it, and reference materials for its features and supported cloud providers.

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Secure your Cloud-Native using Magalix

What is Magalix?

Magalix helps your organization keep an air-tight cloud-native infrastructure throughout the software development lifecycle, from code to cloud. That means that you can use Magalix to enforce policies on each stage for your cloud-native journey (commit, build, or deployment). There are 100s of built-in policies that you can use out of the box, or you can have your own customized policies and enforce them. 

In a nutshell, Magalix scans your K8s entities at any stage and evaluates them against the enabled policies on your account, which results in reporting any violating entity. Once violating entities are detected, you will be able to see these violations in our dashboards and have insightful analytics and reports, to gain better visibility on your clusters’ security and compliance. 

Magalix also provides you with numerous integrations that can help you detect and prevent any violating entities from getting into your infrastructure, as well as get notified whenever a violation is being detected.

Magalix at Every Stage

You can have Magalix set up at every stage of your software development life cycle. Let’s elaborate on how it works at every stage.


To scan your cluster’s run-time entities, a Magalix agent needs to be installed on your clusters. Once connected, the agent starts scanning the targeted entities defined in your policies and reports the violations back to the Magalix backend, where they get displayed in the console dashboards. If you have a notifier set up (via KubeNotifier), you can get notifications about reported violations on your favorite collaboration tool, whether Slack, Jira, .etc.


Magalix provides an admission controller (via KubeGuard) that you can set up and prevent violating entities from being deployed to your cluster. 


You can get your entities scanned early in the process by integrating your CI build pipeline (like CircleCI, Jenkins, .etc) with KubeGuard and fail builds that are violating your policies. 


Magalix also provides security scanning at commit time, by integrating to your favorite source control (like Github, Gitlab, etc.) and get your infrastructure-as-code checked each time any of your team members changes any of the entities specs.