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Welcome to Magalix Documentation!

These pages cover what Magalix is, how to get started using it, and reference materials for its features and supported cloud providers.

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Team Roles and Permissions

This article shows how different roles and permissions available on Magalix Product

Currently, we have 3 roles within Magalix product Owner, Admin, and Viewer.

The basic distinction is as follows:

1- Owner: Initially, this is the creator of the account, but the owner role can be transferred to another user. 

2- Admin: Admins are the ones that can change how the product is set up from policies, cluster connections, .etc. 

3- Viewer: Viewers are allowed to view audit results, reports, and other outcomes coming from policy evaluations in different states. 

Feature Roles Permissions

Below is what each role can/can't do under each feature set: 

Team Management

  • Only the Owner can assign another team member to be the owner.

  • Both Owner and Admin can:

    • Invite another team member.

    • Activate/Deactivate a member.

    • Delete a member.

    • Change a member role (Read-only > Admin, Admin > Read-only)

Cluster Management

  • Only Owner and Admin can:

    • Create a new cluster.

    • Update existing cluster.

    • Delete existing cluster.


  • Only Owner and Admin can:

    • Create a new guard.

    • Update existing guard.

    • Delete existing guard.

Policy Management

  • Only Owner and Admin can:

    • Create a new template/policy.

    • Update existing template/policy.

    • Delete existing template/policy.


  • Only Owner and Admin can:

    • Create a new notifier.

    • Update existing notifier.

    • Delete existing notifier.