Liveness Probe Advisor

Improve the observability and reliability of your pods/containers using Kubernetes Liveness Probe

How The Liveness Probe Advisor Works

Liveness Probe Advisor uses OPA Engine to check if controllers doesn't have livenessProbe in their spec. OPA Engine uses a policy written in Rego by which it validates whether if any container has a livenessProbe.

Our OPA Engine is customized to validate the spec using the violations rule in the defined policy. In the below policy, the violations rule determines if the controller is invalid by iterating over the containers in the controller's spec and  checks if livenessProbe isn't defined

# loops over the containers in the Spec and checks if livenessProbe isn't defined
violations[result] {
container := controller_container[_]
not container.livenessProbe
result = {
"issue": true,

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