Install Magalix Agent Through GKE Marketplace

Install Magalix agent on GKE cluster from GCP marketplace

You can install the Magalix agent through the GCP marketplace. If you have a GKE cluster you can install Magalix agent with a single click of a button.


Step 1 - Go to Magalix Page on GKE Marketplace

Give Magalix page on the GKE marketplace a visit to install the agent on any of your GKE clusters.

Click on the CONFIGURE button at the Magalix agent GCP marketplace page to install the Magalix agent.

Connecting Kubernetes Cluster to Magalix through Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Step 2 - Install Magalix Agent

The next screen will ask you to insert basic details to configure the agent.

  • Create a cluster or select an existing Kubernetes cluster. If you choose to create a new cluster, you will need to come back again to this page and configure the Magalix agent.
  • Namespace. Magalix agent is installed in the default namespace. You can install it in a separate namespace if you want to apply any namespace-level resources or security restrictions.
  • App instance name allows you to give it a more descriptive name.
  • Email address is the email address that you will use to access the Magalix console and dashboards. Installing the Magalix agent through the GCP marketplace automatically creates you an account at Magalix. Insert email and password in below textbox to associate this cluster to your existing Magalix account.
  • Existing Password is needed if you already have a Magalix account. It will be used to automatically log in and associate the connected cluster with your account at Magalix.
  • AGENT_SERVICE_ACCOUNT will be automatically created with all needed access rights.
    • It is recommended to leave the default value of this field to avoid credentials issues with the Magalix agent.
Magalix Agent Deployment on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Once you are done with necessary inputs, the agent will be automatically installed and configured in your cluster. Check your inbox for the welcome email and login at to make sure that your cluster is properly connected.