Install Magalix Agent in a Custom Namespace

Customize Namespace that Magalix Agent Should be installed at

Magalix agent is installed inside kube-system namespace by default. You can change where the target namespace by adjusting the target namespace inside the agent's spec yaml file.

Changing the namespace as shown in the below sample file to be a magalix-agent namespace, line 6, will install the agent in the magalix-agent namespace.

Create custom namespace first

Create the target namespace first if you don't have it already.

kind: Deployment
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
name: magalix-agent
#Magalix agent is installed in kube-system by default. You can change it to another namespace
namespace: kube-system
labels: "magalix-agent" "1" "magalix-agent" "backend"
replicas: 1

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