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KubeAdvisor Overview

Get to know what is KubeAdvisor is and how it works.

KubeAdvisor enables you to enforce Rego-based policies on your Kubernetes clusters, to ensure policies and best practices are followed on your clusters. You get to define your own policies or use a predefined set of Magalix policies and get recommendations on your workloads to find out if they are compliant or violating these policies.

How KubeAdvisor works

Every Advisor from KubeAdvisor family consists of a set of OPA policies defined by Rego Language, We run these policies against your cluster every day, each run results in one of two outcomes: 

  1. Compliance, which states that your workload is complying with a specific policy. You will be able to see these in the cluster and workload summary pages, in order to know the health of your cluster.
  2. Violation, which states that your workload is violating a specific policy. In that case, Magalix will generate a recommendation for you and your team to act on that violation.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.51.24 PM

In the coming articles, you will be able to create your own KubeAdvisor policies and understand KubeAdvisor recommendations.

Create your first advisor on KubeAdvisor

Understand KubeAdvisor Recommendations