Explore Magalix Console

Magalix web console

Home Dashboard

The home dashboard provides a bird-eye and hierarchal view of generated analysis and recommended actions. It starts with the overall picture across all your clusters

Magalix home dashboard

Cluster Dashboard

Cluster dashboard gives you more in-depth details of the overall resources utilization and cluster issues. 

Cluster dashboard

Issues View

Issues View provides the list of reported issues categorized by an advisor.

Issues Dashboard - Magalix

Single Issue Analysis

This view is breaking down entities and workloads inside your Kubernetes cluster that are violating an advisor policy. You can drill from that screen into the detailed recommendation view.

Issues - Magalix Issue Dashboard

Recommendation View

This view is a detailed analysis at the workload level. It is broken down into how you can fix an issue, the collected evidence, and the history of the reported issue.

Issues - Magalix Recommendation