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Welcome to Magalix Documentation!

These pages cover what Magalix is, how to get started using it, and reference materials for its features and supported cloud providers.

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Cluster Entities Dashboards

For users trying to look for all the policy violations for a specific entity like a workload or service, Magalix provides dashboards targeted at entities.

In Magalix we group K8s entities in the following entity groups:

Cluster Entities Dashboards


Workloads have all the entities that have any of these kinds: Deployment, ReplicaSet, DeamonSet, StatefulSet, CronJob, Job, ReplicationController,


Network has all the entities that have any of these kinds: Ingress, IngressClass or NeworkPolicy.


Storage has all entities that have any of these kinds: PersistentVolume(PV, PersistentVolumeClaim(PVC), or StorageClass

Access Controls

Access Controls have all entities that have any of these kinds: ClusterRole, ClusterRoleBinding, Role, RoleBinding, or ServiceAccount


Nodes have all cluster nodes definitions

For each entity group there’s a list of all entities scanned in that group, you can access these dashboards from the navigation on the left, under each cluster. In each entity group dashboard, users can find a list of all scanned entities whether violating or not.

Cluster Entities Dashboards

After navigating to a single entity, users will be able to see all violated policies for that entity in the selected cluster as well as the latest yaml spec for that entity.

Cluster Entities Dashboards