Automatically Fix Resources Issues

Automate CPU/memory recommendations and optimize your applications

Magalix can automate the resources allocation to optimize your Kubernetes. Resources Magalix Advisor scans on a daily basis your resources and provide recommendations to adjust allocated resources. You can apply those recommendations from the Magalix console. 

Step 1 - Select Recommendations

Select changes that you would like to apply at the automation page under your clusters.  


  • Recommendations execution is idempotent. You can apply recommendations as many times as you want. 
  • You can execute only the latest generated recommendations. You cannot apply an old recommendation once a new one is generated. 

Step 2 - Confirm Changes

Confirm your selection to start applying your changes.

Step 3 - Monitor Execution Status 

You will automatically get directed to the execution log page to see the progress of changes you selected to apply. 

  • Recommendations are executed in serial. The Magalix agent won't start an execution of a change unless the previous one is applied and the target pod is back to running state. 
  • You can stop execution of recommendations that are not executed yet, i.e. in queue state. 

Magalix does not have an undo or revert back feature yet of any executed recommendation.