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Realized savings of 40% on AWS bill.

Simplified Operations with AI-driven resources management.

Confidence in managing capacity with predicted usage.


Medstreaming was looking for ways to save on infrastructure cost and improve the returns of their cloud spend. They also needed to ship updates faster while improving the overall reliability of their systems. MedStreaming chose Magalix to improve the utilization of their infrastructure without disrupting their development efforts.

Medstreaming is a leading provider of Healthcare IT (“HCIT”) solutions. MedStreaming is focused on enabling proactive patient care and improving the quality of healthcare by providing innovative medical IT solutions to individual practitioners and large institutions alike.

Medstreaming manages a large infrastructure hosting their flagship products on AWS. They have strict HIPAA requirements to keep data secure. Doctors and hospitals depend on Medstreaming software to analyze images, manage patients data, and provide detailed reports. Availability and reliability of their systems are critical to their success. They wanted to save in their monthly bill without disrupting their users' operations and without significantly changing their current development cycles. Previous attempts to save through instances resizing did not yield expected results.



MedStreaming needed a smarter way to manage their applications and services, and get detailed insights into the utilization of their infrastructure resources. In its search for a solution, key goals of MedStreaming's were to modernize their stack, save money, and find a smarter way to manage their capacity. To do this, they needed a way to provide their developers an easy and consistent way to ship their applications, and a clear abstraction of infrastructure to manage resources provided to applications. Things like the distribution of resources, detailed recommendations, the impact of users workloads on infrastructure capacity/cost, and stay HIPAA compliant to be very important. Finally, MedStreaming wanted a rich set of features to monitor applications and infrastructure from different angles to drive better utilization, smoother operations, and faster response to any live site.

In Seeking tools to optimize and automate operations, MedStreaming looked at a number of solutions. "Other solutions were either quite expensive or require a lot of changes in our development cycles. This would slow us down significantly, which is not acceptable for the business," said Ewald De Vries, Cheif Technology Officier at MedStreaming.
"Magalix model made sense to us given that they built a proof of concept and transparently shared with us the projected savings."


Once MedStreaming decided Magalix was the right partner and solution, implementation started immediately. In fact, Magalix provided 24/7 support, toolings, and necessary materials to containerize MedStreaming services and apps, provision necessary infrastructure, and run it on autopilot in a matter of weeks.

Reduced Cost

Magalix optimization engine along with the Autopilot enables Medstreaming to continuously analyze and configure Kubernetes resources to keep applications up to their performance goals with minimal infrastructure and resources. This saved up to 40% in their EC2 cost due to the smart nodes sizing and adaptive scheduling of containers.

Simplified Operations with the Autopilot

Prior to Magalix, MedStreaming team had to review the cost and possible optimizations on a monthly bases when they get the AWS bill. It was a manual process that took long hours and days to figure out best optimizations and execute them. With Magalix's AI-driven recommendation engine, MedStreaming is now utilizing the Autopilot to proactively optimize resources usage. They don't have to manage low-level optimizations or autoscaling rules anymore. The team provides business goals and maintenance window to the optimization engine.

Innovating Fast

Before Magalix, MedStreaming didn't have the tools that allow them to move fast in their containerization and Kubernetes Journey. The team would have spent long months investigating and figuring out tools to containerize and build the right fabric to manage their systems. Now Medstreaming can containerize and move tens of containers per week. Every time they push a new group of customers the infrastructure adjusts automatically in capacity and self-adjust with almost no intervention.

Magalix also helped MedStreaming to diagnose issues quickly through 24/7 support to overcome any issues with existing or new workloads.

Faster Response to Incidents

Although Medstreaming initial focus was on cost-saving and efficiency, after using Magalix, MedStreaming saw a great value in the near real-time metrics and alerts whenever a container or an application is in trouble. The integration with alerting tools such as Slack and PagerDuty helped the team stay on top of any changes in containers or infrastructures state. Magalix detailed dashboard made it easier for the team to identify the sequence of events and the right details to identify the root cause of any issues.