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Get your application infrastructure ready to scale and support your users in a post-COVID world.

The data your team needs to run a secure, efficient, and optimized Kubernetes cluster is here.

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Focus Your Team's Efforts

Adopting Cloud-native Can be Chaotic. Magalix Can Help Your Team Bring Order to the Chaos, by Focusing on What Needs to be Done.

It is hard to innovate while being dragged down every day by your ops tasks. Get your team ready to run a production-grade Kubernetes cluster, and keep things that way in production.

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Build and Deploy Apps, Carefree

Your Apps Power Banking, Food delivery, Healthcare, and Other Critical Services. Focus on that, We'll Handle the Rest.

Magalix monitors and optimizes your Kubernetes infrastructure, so you can focus on your users and apps. Use Magalix to get K8s in production, quickly and securely. Stay secure, compliant, and follow best-practices so you can serve your own users better, at scale.

Build and Deploy Apps, Carefree

Enforce Best Practices

Top Companies Trust Magalix to Help Their Teams Enforce Cloud-native Best Practices.

Enforce best practices with our advisors that check to ensure you’re following the latest security standards. Customers from food delivery and grocery at large companies like Carrefour use us to ensure they’re secure.

Enforce Best Practices

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