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Get insights about cost per feature and per user. Learn when cost is impacting profits. 





Efficient Features & Higher Product Margins


Clear Cost of Product = High Impact Improvements 

Capture how much product features cost over time. Learn how cost is changing from one release to another. 


Learn How Users Behavior Impacts Product Cost

Understand how users impact the cost of running the product and features to invest in the right areas.


Optimize Operations & Increase Product Margins

Understand and automatically improve areas in application and infrastructure slimming your profitability.

Uncover Real Product COGS & Get Smarter Releasing Features 

Get insights about how new features are impacting product cost and operational overhead.

Features Overtime

Get insights into how much features cost, and how much overhead teams are adding or improving over different releases

New Features

Learn if a new feature is changing COGS significantly or provide the expected value.
cost per user (1)

Users Behaviors Can Slim Profits

Uncover how users impact the cost of running applications and cloud infrastructure. Focus on the right efficiency improvements by revealing the most expensive users and features.


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“The value of AI and what Magalix has done is really taking this human judgement and automate it in a way that it’s more proactive than reactive.”

GM - Microsoft

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“Over-provisioning is not going to be solved by human powered optimization. Machine learning will identify areas of deficiencies and help companies save money.

Partner — 500Startups

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“We were very impressed with the technical competence and the white glove treatment we received so far.”

CTO — Medstreaming