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Take Risks in Life To Have an Adventure

Take Risks in Life To Have an Adventure

It is certainly a stressful time for everyone. We are facing a multi-dimensional problem that puts a lot of people’s health/life in jeopardy, while severely impacting the world economy, and forcing us to isolate ourselves from almost everyone.

We all want to live a life that is full of learnings, growth, and fulfillment. You live such a life when you pursue an adventure. If your life is written as a story, you want to feel proud as the story’s protagonist. But you have to go through new paths and live some dark times to discover your innate qualities and develop into a newer, better version of yourself.

Taking risks is relative. What looks normal to you might be quite risky for me. It is about taking the initiative with a lot of uncertainty about the journey and whether you will get rewarded.

Someone may tell you that the reward is in the journey itself. But how can you tell if you are on the right journey and seeking the right reward? There is no straightforward answer. You can increase your chances of success however by:

  1. Be genuine about your goals
  2. Focus on your own journey. Don’t do it because others are doing the same
  3. Make sure you have a good company that will always back you in difficult times
  4. Inspire others to start their journey and learn from each other.

Taking a risk is not only about taking a single decision or committing to a one-time change. It is an adventure or a journey that you are about to start. You need to be conscious about why we are doing it; what you are trying to achieve; and how you are going to start and keep yourself committed.

My team and I started Magalix to push the boundaries so that humanity reaches its full potential. It happens that we do this by using interesting machine learning and cloud-native technologies. We are committed to having a great adventure with everyone who believes in discovering a new frontier no matter how hard it is. Stay safe, start a new adventure, join us on the exciting cloud-native journey. We will all emerge stronger, smarter and, most importantly, more connected to each other.

With a connection in mind, let us know how you’re using this time at home and with your teams remotely to plan your time after COVID-19. What adventures are on your roadmap? Your personal life? Your hobbies? With all of this extra time indoors, it’s a great opportunity to re-evaluate where you’re headed, if you’re well and able.



Mohamed F. Ahmed

CEO, Magalix

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