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    Kubernetes cost saving K8s
    Kubernetes Cost Optimization with Magalix
    Is our Spending Getting Worse? I woke up one day to see this email from our CEO in my mailbox. I knew this...
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    Kubernetes Cost Optimization 101
    Over the past two years at Magalix, we have focused on building our system, introducing new features, and...
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    The Importance of Using Labels in Your Kubernetes Specs: A Guide
    Even a small Kubernetes cluster may have hundreds of Containers, Pods, Services and many other Kubernetes...
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    How to Deploy a React App to a Kubernetes Cluster
    Kubernetes is a gold standard in the industry for deploying containerized applications in the cloud. Many...
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    Kubernetes Governance with Magalix
    Who Owns this Workload? Recently, one of our Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) noticed a workload running...
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    Kubernetes 1.19 What's New?
    Kubernetes New Features And Updates Kubernetes 1.19 is coming soon and is expected to have 34 new upgrades...
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    Understanding Kubernetes Memory Metrics
    Background Kubernetes collects lots of metrics data regarding the resources usage within the cluster (cpu,...
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    Monitoring Kubernetes Clusters Through Prometheus & Grafana
    Monitoring is vital whether it is web application databases or kubernetes clusters. It’s about knowing...
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    Kubernetes K8s Governance
    Kubernetes Governance 101
    Background The availability of elastic cloud computing, scalable cloud storage, and Infrastructure as a...
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    Create A CI/CD Pipeline With Kubernetes And Jenkins
    What Does CI/CD Try To Solve? CI/CD is a term that is often heard alongside other terms like DevOps,
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    Kubernetes StatefulSets 101 - State Of The Pods
      The Difference Between a Statefulset And a Deployment
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    The Sidecar Pattern
    Do One Thing, Do it Best
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    Kubernetes Patterns : Environment Variables Configuration Pattern
    Each and every application out there needs external configuration at some point. For example, the error
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    Kubernetes and Containers Best Practices - Health Probes
    What Is The Health Probe Pattern? When you’re designing a mission-critical, highly-available application,
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    Implementing A Reverse Proxy Server In Kubernetes Using The Sidecar
    What Is A Sidecar? A sidecar refers to a seat attached to the bicycle or motorbike so that they run on
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    Kubernetes Secrets 101
    What is a Kubernetes Secret? There are many times when a Kubernetes Pod needs to use sensitive data. Think
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    Kubernetes 101 - Concepts and Why It Matters
    A 10k feet overview of Kubernetes Concepts and Architecture
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    Kubernetes Observability: Log Aggregation Using ELK Stack
    Logging In The Cloud-Native Age In the old days, all components of your infrastructure were well-defined
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    Deploying An Application On Kubernetes From A to Z
    We’ve all been there. You learned the basics of Kubernetes, Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Services, etc.
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    Creating Custom Kubernetes Operators
    An Operator Or A Custom Controller? When I first approached this topic, I had some confusion about whether
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    Kubernetes Patterns : The Init Container Pattern
    The Initialization Pattern The initialization logic is common among programming languages in general. In
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