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Get Kubernetes Cluster Insights - Right In Your Inbox.

product release Magalix features team collaboration
Get Kubernetes Cluster Insights - Right In Your Inbox.
product release Magalix features team collaboration

Kubernetes Is Hard. We're Making it Easier For You To Take Action, Little By Little, With Our New Cluster Analysis Email.

This week, we released a new email report that includes a summary of the recommendations generated by our Magalix Advisors across all of your clusters.

The Magalix Cluster Report Email provides you with a quick overview of your cluster’s status, can help you quickly focus on the key areas of importance for you and your team, and makes it very easy to start optimizing your clusters, and enforcing best practices. 

From your email inbox, you can check the top violated policies within your cluster, as well as the highest impact optimizations, and with one-click you can take action in the Magalix console.

Ongoing optimizations? Recurring problems? Try our cost-saving recommendations and automations.

Magalix Cluster Analysis Email Report

Within the day-to-day routine of our users, an email with all the valuable insights about their clusters is an easy way to take the necessary actions to maintain and optimize their clusters.

Let's take a closer look at the email, piece by piece.

Issues Analysis Email Report

The first section is the Issues Analysis, where you can get a quick view of pod security policy, container resource provisioning, and best practices to protect you from unanticipated outages (liveness and readiness advisors).

Next, in the Optimizations Analysis, you can optimize your Kubernetes clusters' capacity management, by reducing resource waste, resource starvation, and making sure you have reasonable limits and requests set for Mem and CPU.

Optimizations Analysis Email ReportFinally, in the Automations section, if any of these issues in your cluster become tedious or occur too frequently, you can, with one click, set up an automation on Magalix that can make sure it's handled from here on out.

Automations Issues Email Report

Starting today, all Magalix users will automatically receive a weekly report email with the updated status for all their clusters.

They can add up to 10 other recipients they would like to receive the report, and they will have the ability to change the email frequency as indicated below.

Change Report Preferences

Users can change reporting preferences by clicking on profile avatar (top right corner), choose Reporting from the menu. They can change the following:

  1. Frequency options (Weekly, Daily, Never)
  2. Email recipients (up to 10 recipients)

Report Preferences Menu

Magalix Console Reporting Settings

Check out the feature now by logging in to the console. If you're not a user yet, click below and start a 14-day free trial, and see how much a simple email can help you and your team achieve your potential with cloud-native.

Go to the Magalix Console

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