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Muhammad zarak bin kaleem

Muhammad Zarak a Cloud-native Mobile & Web developer, helps companies to build or migrate their existing servers to cloud-native technologies. Certified Kubernetes application developer and AWS certified developer associate with various Udacity certificates, passionate about learning new technologies.

Deploying Kubernetes Cluster With EKS.

In previous article, we’ve seen how to manage or create Kubernetes on a cloud provider such as Google Cloud. Now, we’ll look at how to create or manage Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Web Service (AWS)....

Nodejs App From Docker To Kubernetes Cluster

In this article, we’re developing a starter NodeJS server and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster, starting from the very primary server, then building the image from docker and deploying it to the K...

How To Deploy an Application on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Introduction In this article, we will talk about Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and deploy a sample app on a GKE cluster. Kubernetes is the preferred container orchestration tool in 2020 and is used t...