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    Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed Ahmed

    Founder & CEO who lives another day to inspire people & transforming markets.

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    Influencing Kubernetes Scheduler Decisions

    To ensure maximum possible performance and availability, the scheduler uses complex algorithms to ensure the most efficient Pod placement.

    Read Time 010 mins read
    Kubernetes Patterns : Capacity Planning

    When using Kubernetes - especially at a large scale, we need to give due time and effort in anticipating our application resource requirements correctly.

    Read Time 010 mins read
    Kubernetes Patterns - Application process management

    In the application process management pattern, we ensure that our containerized application is aware of its environment.

    Read Time 08 mins read
    Kubernetes Patterns - Declarative Deployments

    Deployments are higher-level controllers that use ReplicaSets to ensure that no downtime is incurred when you need to update your Pods.

    Read Time 014 mins read
    Kubernetes Scheduler 101

    Kubernetes Scheduling involves mush more than just placing a pod on a node. In this article, we discuss the different mechanisms that Kubernetes follows.

    Read Time 08 mins read
    Kubernetes Deployments 101

    Deployments controllers are widely used inside Kubernetes. Learn how to create one and control your deployments for zero down-time.

    Read Time 09 mins read
    Kubernetes StatefulSets 101 - State Of The Pods

    Kubernetes StatefulSet is the core building block of databases management inside Kubernetes. Learn their properties and how to effectively manage them.

    Read Time 08 mins read
    Kubernetes Vulnerable to DoS Attacks, You Need to Patch NOW!

    The recently-discovered vulnerabilities allow an attacker to launch a DoS (Denial of Service) attack against the machines running Kubernetes, bringing them to their knees.

    Read Time 03 mins read
    Kubernetes Storage
    Kubernetes Storage 101

    Kubernetes Storage = Kubernetes volumes. A Volume is the basic unit of storage in a Kubernetes cluster. Learn how to manage and assign volumes to pods

    Read Time 09 mins read
    Create A CI/CD Pipeline With Kubernetes And Jenkins

    What Does CI/CD Try To Solve? CI/CD is a term that is often heard alongside other terms like DevOps,

    Min Read 02 mins read
    Deploying Kubernetes With Kafka: Best Practices

    Kafka Kafka is an open-source event streaming platform first developed by LinkedIn, then donated to the

    Min Read 08 mins read
    Kubernetes StatefulSets 101 - State Of The Pods

      The Difference Between a Statefulset And a Deployment

    Min Read 08 mins read
    Monitoring Kubernetes Clusters Through Prometheus & Grafana

    Monitoring is vital whether it is web application databases or kubernetes clusters. It’s about knowing

    Min Read 08 mins read
    The Sidecar Pattern

    Do One Thing, Do it Best

    Min Read 04 mins read
    Kubernetes and Containers Best Practices - Health Probes

    What Is The Health Probe Pattern? When you’re designing a mission-critical, highly-available application,

    Min Read 07 mins read
    Implementing A Reverse Proxy Server In Kubernetes Using The Sidecar

    What Is A Sidecar? A sidecar refers to a seat attached to the bicycle or motorbike so that they run on

    Min Read 07 mins read
    Nodejs App From Docker To Kubernetes Cluster

    In this article, we’re developing a starter NodeJS server and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster,

    Min Read 010 mins read
    Kubernetes Observability: Log Aggregation Using ELK Stack

    Logging In The Cloud-Native Age In the old days, all components of your infrastructure were well-defined

    Min Read 019 mins read
    Kubernetes And Databases

    Kubernetes is a major, modern improvement in development, and databases are an essential part of the

    Min Read 08 mins read
    Deploying An Application On Kubernetes From A to Z

    We’ve all been there. You learned the basics of Kubernetes, Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Services, etc.

    Min Read 019 mins read
    Kubernetes Patterns : Environment Variables Configuration Pattern

    Each and every application out there needs external configuration at some point. For example, the error

    Min Read 05 mins read
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