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Tutorials, best practices, expert insights, and industry news on cloud security and compliance - all in one place.

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        Magalix accelerates your cloud-native journey from early exploration to production optimization, governance, and tuning.

        Recent Posts

        Magalix Introduces the Cloud-Native Application Policy Pack

        Magalix introduces application based policy pack - a set of policies that focus on security and configuration best practices.

        Read Time 04 mins read
        Magalix Press Release
        Magalix: An OCI Technology Partner, Supports OKE

        OKE users will hit the ground running with Magalix’s comprehensive library of security and compliance policies which covers a wide range of standards.

        Read Time 02 mins read
        A Tale of Two Woes: Security and DevOps - The SaC Podcast

        In this episode of the SaC, Mo talks to Peter Samaan, about building and maintaining a secure infrastructure, in the DevOps world.

        Read Time 4 mins read
        What is Security-as-Code and Why It’s Important?

        Security-as-code is about baking security practices early in the development lifecycle and preventing security violations from taking place.

        Read Time 04 mins read
        Deep Dive in Policies and Where they can be Applied? - The Sac Podcast

        In this episode of the SaC, Mo and Tony discuss how codified policies can help secure the various cloud service offering and mitigate the potential risks

        Read Time 4 mins read
        Security-as-Code and Why it Matters - The SaC Podcast

        Listen to this episode and learn more about what is security-as-code and why it’s imperative in the cloud era to shift security left.

        Read Time 4 mins read
        What is DevSecOps and Why is it Important?

        Learn what is DevSecOps, why is it needed, and its importance to remain competitive and agile in today’s fast-paced world.

        Read Time 05 mins read
        The Unspoken Challenge DevSecOps in FinTech – Part 1

        SecDevOps comes with many unspoken challenges. To better understand how shifting left helps ensure Kubernetes security, here’s an expert’s take on it.

        Read Time 017 mins read
        Team Productivity: Resource Management

        When you share your cluster with multiple members in the team or even multiple teams, resource allocation must be one of the important parameters to be considered

        Read Time 05 mins read
        Create A CI/CD Pipeline With Kubernetes And Jenkins

        What Does CI/CD Try To Solve? CI/CD is a term that is often heard alongside other terms like DevOps,

        Min Read 017 mins read
        Deploying Kubernetes With Kafka: Best Practices

        Kafka Kafka is an open-source event streaming platform first developed by LinkedIn, then donated to the

        Min Read 08 mins read
        Monitoring Kubernetes Clusters Through Prometheus & Grafana

        Monitoring is vital whether it is web application databases or kubernetes clusters. It’s about knowing

        Min Read 08 mins read
        Kubernetes StatefulSets 101 - State Of The Pods


        Min Read 08 mins read
        DevOps Kubernetes side car
        The Sidecar Pattern

        Do One Thing, Do it Best The basic idea on which UNIX was designed is to not have a complex monolithic

        Min Read 04 mins read
        Kubernetes and Containers Best Practices - Health Probes

        What Is The Health Probe Pattern? When you’re designing a mission-critical, highly-available application,

        Min Read 07 mins read
        Kubernetes And Databases

        Kubernetes is a major, modern improvement in development, and databases are an essential part of the

        Min Read 08 mins read
        Nodejs App From Docker To Kubernetes Cluster

        In this article, we’re developing a starter NodeJS server and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster,

        Min Read 010 mins read
        Implementing A Reverse Proxy Server In Kubernetes Using The Sidecar

        What Is A Sidecar? A sidecar refers to a seat attached to the bicycle or motorbike so that they run on

        Min Read 07 mins read
        How to Deploy a React App to a Kubernetes Cluster

        Kubernetes is a gold standard in the industry for deploying containerized applications in the cloud. Many

        Min Read 010 mins read
        Kubernetes Observability: Log Aggregation Using ELK Stack

        Logging In The Cloud-Native Age In the old days, all components of your infrastructure were well-defined

        Min Read 019 mins read
        Deploying An Application On Kubernetes From A to Z

        We’ve all been there. You learned the basics of Kubernetes, Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Services, etc.

        Min Read 019 mins read
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