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5 Reasons why you should go to GCP marketplace & download magalix-agent today!

Containers Cloud infrastructure Kubernetes GCP GKE
5 Reasons why you should go to GCP marketplace & download magalix-agent today!
Containers Cloud infrastructure Kubernetes GCP GKE

Today Magalix Agent is officially launched at Google Marketplace. 


Magalix on GCP marketplace

Magalix provides unique insights and recommendations about resources utilization inside Kubernetes. our Autopilot rightsizes Kubernetes cluster by dynamically managing resources of pods and containers and help you save up to 50% of your cloud bill.

1- Get insights immediately

What is the distribution of CPU, memory, and network across the whole cluster? How will utilization look like the next few hours? Are there any unusual usage patterns? How does the change in cluster size impacts performance?

We help you answer all the questions above.


2- Save money and be efficient

Our agent scans your capacity metrics and immediately starts identifying patterns and predicts how your workloads will look like in the future. The main goal is to help you have a performant app with the lowest amount of wasted infrastructure capacity. On average our users save 40% on their compute bill.


3- Connect in seconds

If you are a GKE user, the installation will not take more than 30 seconds. Just insert your email in GKE configuration form then the deployment container will create an account and connect the agent to this GKE account. Once installation is successfully complete, you will receive an email with instructions to see your clusters dashboard at Magalix console


4- Get notified on what matters to you on Slack or email

Set notifications from Magalix dashboard and get them at your email or Slack. You can learn more about notifications here.



No Trials, No Gimmick! Just connect your cluster and use the free version we have forever. Magalix agent is also an open source tool so feel free to customize it on other backend services of yours.

To get started go to GCP Marketplace and start configuring Magalix agent from there or you are on another public cloud or on premise you can get started from Magalix console or from github.

If you have any questions please reach out to support at magalix dot com.

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