Magalix Automation fixes the common optimization issues in Kubernetes clusters so that you focus on what matters 

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Automation - Magalix selecting recommendations

Optimizing Kubernetes is Not Straightforward

Magalix Automation Makes it a Breeze

Most Impactful Automation

Tackle most impactful optimizations. Select the recommended changes that will save your resources or application's performance.

Save Your Time 

Instead of analyzing metrics and guessing the best optimizations, get daily recommendations, and apply them in minutes. 

Optimize Reliably 

Magalix automation makes sure that your Kubernetes cluster optimizations are done at the right frequency, considering available capacity and application performance.

Track All Changes

Track previous optimizations with our full execution logs. Know who did it, when, and the results of their automation.

Thoughtful Automation

Automate optimizations without impacting the stability of your cluster

We sequence the automation process to make sure your cluster's stability is not impacted by too many changes at the same time. Magalix agent makes sure that a change is successfully executed before it moves to the next fix. 


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Automation - Magalix Automation progress

All Cases Considered

Automate all possible missed optimizations

Resources optimizations are applied for different reasons, such as performance, utilization, or cost savings. Select your reason and automate optimizations based on your needs!


Automation - Magalix filter recommendations

Optimize your Kubernetes quickly and reliably

Automate your Kubernetes cluster optimization in a few minutes. 

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