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Airtight Security as Code

Secure your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and run-time infrastructure with codified policies.
Know your security posture with 100s of built-in policies. Run your own checks with custom policies.

Get Started Quickly

Hit the ground running with 100s of built-in policies and templates.

Go from zero to 60 miles with included policies and templates to identify improvements in security, network, resources allocation, and other critical areas for your cloud security posture management.

Get Started Quickly

Centralized Policy Management

Manage all policies in one place, with a powerful policy-as-code engine.

From one console create, validate and distribute policies across all your cloud infrastructure. Use Magalix advanced playground to write and test policies before enforcing them. Whether you know how to write policies or not, our templates help you tighten your security and compliance posture in a snap.

Centralized Policy Management

Be Fully in Control

Apply policies anywhere from a single source. enable/disable anytime.

Control which scans and recommendations you get by choosing which checks to run via our out-of-the-box policies. Fine tune policies' enforcements to which resources, workloads or environments!

Be Fully in Control

Detailed Violation Analysis

Understand why an issue was reported, how it can be fixed, and its history.

Not only do we help you find issues - we help you fix them too. For each workload or policy issue, Magalix reports on it along with its collected evidence. Then you can get guidance on fixing the issue, and track it overtime if it recurs.

Detailed Violation analysis

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Implement the proper governance and operational excellence in your Kubernetes clusters.

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