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Challenging the Status Quo to Accelerate the Pace of Human Innovation.

We seek to add intelligence to applications and infrastructure so that developers can focus on what truly requires human attention

Our Mission & Vision

We believe meaningful growth and progression is made possible through continuous analysis of how we approach and perform tasks. To achieve this growth, we provide a technology that continually evolves to understand end goals for simplifying tasks and achieving greater efficiency.

We believe that innovation comes from openness, diversity, and collaboration. The Magalix team spans the globe from multiple backgrounds. 

Our Team

We are a truly global team and proud of our diversity. We believe that our strength is in diverse backgrounds and personalities. We enjoy the fact that there is someone somewhere 24X7 taking Magalix to the next level.

Mohamed Ahmed
CEO & Founder
Ahmed Badran
Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Tehrani
Sales Director

Our Backers