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We are on a mission to add intelligence to applications and infrastructure so developers can focus on what truly requires human intelligence


We believe that exponential growth and progression of humankind is attainable by continuously challenging how we think and how we do our jobs, no matter how comfortable the status quo is.

It happens that we do this by disrupting how software is run and managed in cloud infrastructure. From our core Why we believe that teams deserve a smart technology that understands end goals and works towards what we all want to achieve.


What We Do

Our Why gives us the sense of direction and the focus on solving one of the most challenging problems in cloud infrastructure: resources management. It is hard to disagree that poor resources management jeopardizes the progression we made to build innovative solutions on the cloud faster and at massive scale.

We see many companies considering or already started moving back to on-premise solutions avoid uncontrollable costs of public cloud. We help companies and teams to add intelligence to their software and infrastructure to prevent the risks of over or under-provisioning resources. We save time and money and significantly reduce the overheads of run-time resources management.


We are a truly global team and proud of our diversity. We believe that our strength is in diverse backgrounds and personalities. We enjoy the fact that there is someone somewhere 24X7 taking Magalix to the next level.


Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed

Co-Founder and CEO

Omar Mehelba
Omar Mehilba

Co-Founder and COO

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