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Smart Guardrails for Cloud-Native

Enforce best practices, security, and standards inside Kubernetes and cloud-native apps. Get the right visibility at the right time. Do it as a team

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The Magalix Difference

1KubeAdvisor - Extensible OPA-Based Engine

Scans and Generates Detailed Compliance Reports

With dozens of built-in or your own policies, KubeAdvsior reports your Kubernetes compliance, security, and operational readiness. Extend it with Rego-based policies to continuously test compliance of your whole cloud-native stack

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2KubeGuard - Prevent Violations into Kubernetes

Protect Clusters Against Violations. Keep Them Secure, Compliant, and Reliable. 

KubeGuard provides early detection and prevention of bad configurations and violations. Integrate it with your CI/CD for early feedback. Use the Magalix Gatekeeper to prevents manual policy violations.

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3KubeNotifier - Build Workflows to Handle the Unexpected

Export Events to Dozens of Tools and Build the Right Workflows

KubeNotifier listens to important events and allows you to export them in many different tools and formats. Build workflows to handle violations, fixes, or any changes in your cluster’s configurations.

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4KubeOptimizer - Capacity & Resource Tuning Engine

Tunes Pods Memory/CPU and Cluster Size

KubeOptimizer recommends memory/CPU allocations for your pods and workloads based on observed and predicted utilization. Automate your resource tuning with a few clicks. Get full node pool plans to save money and improve the cluster’s performance

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Learn more about Use Cases that Magalix can help teams like yours address. Kubernetes governance, kubernetes optimizations, configuration management, and policy enforcement are tough challenges for teams. Read more in our use cases page to see how your team can benefit.

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