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For Beginners, and even the Kubernetes Ninja

We get it - Cloud-Native and Kubernetes can be confusing.
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Edward Sarker
Director of DevOps at Spire Digital
"I recently discovered Magalix while browsing the GCP marketplace. It promised an auto-pilot, cost-cutting monitoring agent for our k8s platform. Sounds too good to be true. It is true."
Waleed Osman
Support Lead at Medstreaming
"Magalix made it easy for us to understand performance issues in our containers, cluster resources utilization, achieve significant savings"
Ewlad De Vries
CTO, Medstreaming
We were very impressed with the technical competence and the white glove treatment we received so far.
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People don’t believe us the first time we tell them

Because it’s such a huge need and we’ve actually dedicated ourselves to solving it applying the best cloud-native practices using novel machine learning algorithms. We know that it is super challenging to keep up with changes while building secure, reliable, performant, and efficient infrastructure. We got your back!

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We’ve made it so easily available to you

We have a team of rockstar engineers that worked for major cloud providers and are all about building the next-gen dev tools.

We are backed by major investors like 500 Startups, Trend Forward Capital, Endure capital and seasoned investors from Microsoft, AWS, Oracle and Facebook that all joined us in our mission to add intelligence to applications and cloud-native infrastructure.

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Why Magalix?

We are on a mission to add intelligence to applications and infrastructure so you focus on what truly requires human intelligence.