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Whether you are an Engineer that loves new technologies, a student with computer science projects, a data scientist with huge data sets or an enterprise. We have a plan for you.

No more infrastructure overspending. No more container micromanaging. No more downtime.



Up to 2.5M credits

(1 credit = 1 vCPU + 0.5GB, per active second)

Up to 10 concurrent containers

Limited AI (1 decision/day) 

Limited Alerts (10 maximum)




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6.25M credits

(1 credit = 1 vCPU + 0.5GB, per active second)

Up to 100 concurrent containers

Hourly AI decisions

Custom alerts and notifications

Unlimited Alerts



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Run your infra on Autopilot

Unlimited containers

Minute-by-minute AI decision

Custom alert and notifications

Connect your own cluster

Account manager

Custom dashboard




Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to get started?
No, you can create an account for FREE on Magalix and you can stay free forever if you consume less than 50k credits a month.

What is a monthly credit?
A monthly credit is a combination of vCPU, memory, and I/O consumed at an active second. An active second is where your container is consuming CPU cycles. If your container is dormant, you won't be charged for a credit.

I run out of free credits quickly, can you increase my default monthly credits?
You can upgrade at any time to our PRO plan to receive extra monthly credits. These are a month to month plans and your paid monthly credits do roll over if they were not used.

How much will I pay if my app is idle?
In our Serverless Containers model, you pay Nothing! yes zero, we won't charge you if no one is using your application. In the Enterprise model, our AI makes sure your infrastructure is scaled down to the minimum possible.

Can I get started for FREE?
Yes! just click on sign up now for the ALWAYS FREE plan.