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Kubernetes at its core is a resources management and orchestration tool. It is ok to focus day-1 operations to explore and play around with its cool features to deploy, monitor and control your pods. However, you need to think of day-2 operations as well. You need to focus on questions like:


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Every day, we developers are hustling to keep up with the ever-evolving complexities of cloud infrastructure – and one of the biggest disruptions is the introduction of AI into cloud infrastructure. AWS, for example, has rolled out a wide range of fully managed machine learning services, which may soon help developers optimize their infrastructure more intelligently than ever before.



Switching from traditional Vms to containerized applications can bring major upgrades in efficiency and reliability. But if you handle your containers incorrectly, you’ll be throwing all those benefits out the window – and frustrating your users in the process!


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If your organization is still dealing with the provisioning headaches of traditional VM architecture, it’s probably time to make the switch to containers. 



Does the following conversation sound familiar?

CEO: Our AWS bill has gone to the roof. Why?

VP of engineering: We’re adding new customers! We need enough capacity to keep up with the demand.

CTO: But our average CPU and memory utilization are quite low. Why do we need more capacity if we’re not using all the infrastructure we already have?

VP of engineering: We get traffic spikes throughout the day. We need to be ready for them.