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Switching from traditional Vms to containerized applications can bring major upgrades in efficiency and reliability. But if you handle your containers incorrectly, you’ll be throwing all those benefits out the window – and frustrating your users in the process!



Containers are just a different way to run applications — but in the end, they need to serve your business’s goals.

On the first day at my previous job, my manager asked whether we were getting a good return on investment (ROI) from our cloud infrastructure. After just two days on the job, I could clearly see that we weren’t. Our VM’s CPUs were running at five percent on average, and memory was running below 40 percent.



Even though the public cloud sparked a lot of innovation in scalable infrastructure, it failed to transform or reinvent how infrastructure and applications are built. We still need to deal with the same old constructs including virtual machines, complex networking topologies, and connecting different layers together.

We are now at a very interesting time in the history of computing where infrastructure and applications are being redefined. It is sparking the new generation of cloud infrastructure.