Smarter Kubernetes,

Empowered Teams

Intelligently balance the performance and resources inside Kubernetes using Magalix AI for intuitive and smart auto-scaling.

A single command to install Magalix AI-driven autoscaling agent and see recommendations in few hours. Take it to the next level and scale your Kubernetes in auto-pilot mode.


Kubernetes on Auto-pilot, always ahead of the game!

Magalix predictively optimizes Kubernetes scale at the right time

Connect Kuberentes
One kubectl command to connect to Magalix AI analytics. 
Get Recommendations
See predictions and recommendations to scale pods, containers, and nodes. 
Run on Autopilot
Easily control when and how recommendations are applied.


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More confidence with proactive Kubernetes autoscaling 

Magalix AI predicts changes in workloads to make pods, and the cluster ready for those changes.  See how containers should be scaled based on the expected use of memory, CPU, and network I/O. 


Save time and boost productivity with the Autopilot

When the autopilot feature is turned on, Magalix will apply pods and nodes scalability decisions according to pre-defined business rules. 


Get a 360-degree view of Kubernetes resources usage

Because it is hard to correlate all performance and capacity factors at the same time, Magalix monitors and generates recommendations with all layers and expected workloads in mind.  


The technology behind Magalix

Our AI layer uses sophisticated algorithms to understand how pods, containers, and nodes will behave under different workloads. It is a multistage pipeline that mimics the human-driven process of understanding and scaling infrastructure.


Automatic Workload Predictions

Magalix captures use patterns and creates predictions for resource consumption, automatically calibrating when needed.


Intelligent Application Scaling

Our AI intuitively scales up to meet workload spikes, and scales down when resources are no longer needed, maximizing your application efficiency.


High-Precision Metric Analysis

Monitoring thousands of data points, Magalix builds container profiles that help understand performance under different workloads.


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“The value of AI and what Magalix has done is really taking this human judgement and automate it in a way that it’s more proactive than reactive.”

GM - Microsoft

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“Over-provisioning is not going to be solved by human powered optimization. Machine learning will identify areas of deficiencies and help companies save money.

Partner — 500Startups

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“We were very impressed with the technical competence and the white glove treatment we received so far.”

CTO — Medstreaming

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